Reductions to 1201

Frequently, VTL 1201 0A is offered as part of a plea bargain in a Vehicle & Traffic case. Local justice courts throughout the State of New York hear cases involving violations of state and local Vehicle & Traffic law (like speeding tickets) that occur within their jurisdiction. Many counties have policies allowing drivers charged with speeding, passing a red light, or operating a vehicle while using a cell phone to plead guilty to reduced charges and waive a trial. When an accused driver has a driving history free of recent convictions, the local prosecutor's office and Justice are sometimes willing to allow the driver to plead guilty to a 0 point violation, like a 1201a.

In other cases, a 1201 ticket is issued as a "road-side write-down". A road-side write-down refers to a reduction given by the local police officer or State Trooper at the time of the traffic stop. An example of this would be if you were pulled over while speeding, and the officer issued you only a warning. Sometimes, instead of a warning, the officer will issue a parking violation, like the 1201a for example, or other generic violation like 1110a as a reduced charge.

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1201 Compared to Other Tickets

One benefit of receiving a 1201 ticket in place of more serious charges like a speeding ticket, 1144a "Move Over" law ticket, cell phone ticket, or other violation is that it is a 0 point violation. Just one speeding ticket conviction can add anywhere from 3 to 11 points to your New York driving history which can mean hefty fines and other special assesment fees from the state. (To learn more about fines paid for various traffic violations in courts throughout New York state, visit New York's Point System and the Driver Responsibility Program that provides for additional fees for drivers who accumulate 6 points or more within 18 months applies to New York drivers as well as visitors from other states and countries. You can learn more about the New York Points System here where you can also view a Points Chart for some of the most common offenses.

Other benefits of the 1201 ticket, when compared to other traffic violations, is that it is essentially a parking ticket "Parked on Pavement" that is not even reported on your driving history. It's as if you parked in front of the town library. This means it typically has no effect whatsoever on the price you pay for auto insurance.

Fines issued for the 1201a are also typically lower than fines issued for other violations (speeding ticket fines usually begin at $150.00 plus a mandatory $85.00 state surcharge) and no state surcharge is attached. The fine for 1201a is usually either $100.00 or $150.00 payable to the local town or village court.

What It Looks Like

In New York state, fines are issued by the local justice court after a conviction. If you plead guilty to a 1201(a) ticket, you will receive a Fine Notice from the local court that will look something like what appears below (in this case the fine was $125.00):

1201a Fine Notice from the Colonie Town Court in Latham, New York

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